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Monday, 15 November 2010

Lemon Bar and Restaurant, Colombo 07

Our newly affianced Guest Reviewer couple VG and AF takes us on a second visit to Lemon.
A second visit to remove doubts of a mediocre first


The ambiance and decor remain very appealing and immediately call out "comfy" yet makes for very elegant dining. It is best avoided during heavy rains as you're likely to get soaked trying to get to the dining area and the outdoor sit out is rendered useless.


A unique and superb combination, the Lemon Drop martini takes a different twist to the dirty martini, with fresh lemon juice added to curb an otherwise very strong alcoholic drink. A great evening drink after a rough day! The frozen Margarita with its smooth slushiness is huge in quantity and very good value for money- will be most appealing to the ladies!


Crab cakes served with a sweet chilli sauce - were rich with flavour and none of the crab meat taste was lost in the mix of vegetable paste and spices. Best eaten plain or the sauce from the prawn balls. The sweet sauce was nice but over powered the taste of the crab cake.

Prawn balls with Karapincha & Green Chilli Sauce- Another good appetiser that came with an even better sauce. Strong flavours but subtle in combining with dish to make a well rounded tasting experience.


Portuguese Seafood Rice - an excellent dish, even for those who are not fond of seafood. Infused with the local cross-section of seafood available, the serving is enough for 2 and is well worth for the rich flavour.

Roast Pork with Carmelised Onions and grilled baby potatoes - ensure you ask for lean pork, and the meal will be well rounded and tasty.

Baked Crab - A Sri Lankan menu standard, this was prepared well with fresh crab (and lots of it so that you could actually taste the crab) and plentiful flavour.


Kulfi with Pistachios - an Indian twist on Pistachio Ice Cream, brilliant and a great ending to the meal.

Mocha Cream Tart with Strawberries - has its 'off' and 'on' days, which probably depends on the chef - but on a good day, its a very light, appealing dessert best accompanied by an espresso.

Special Mention

The staff - and especially the waiter named Thuwan - were well trained, very attentive and versed in the menu. Small touches like suggestions of wine for the main meal, constantly checking for water refills were very welcome. Most impressively, on hearing 2 patrons' side conversation on tasting each other's desserts, Thuwan brandished silverware without being prompted.

He also knew the exact kind of music playing overhead and retrieved the CDs so we could have a look. It is very rare in Sri Lanka to have such great service and knowledge- another reason to return to Lemon.

-VG and AF




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